Welcome to the axion property academy!

The Axion Property Academy was created to empower women and other groups typically underrepresented in property, to help them break down the barriers to entry and dispel the myths that typically deter competent people from embracing the dynamic world of property investing.

The Axion Academy provides property investment education and mentoring to people who want to use property as a tool to generate wealth whilst having a positive social contribution to society and changing their own lives for the better.

The academy was created with three aims in mind:

Teaching tried and tested property investing techniques and strategies

Showing how to use these strategies to become financially free

Sharing property knowledge and expertise

JOIN the Academy today, to learn how to use property as an investment tool to achieve your financial goals and become financially free!

What does FINANCIALLY FREE actually mean?

For some it means earning extra cash each month so they don’t have to worry about bills,  or completely replacing a full-time salary so they can leave their job and work for themselves, for others it’s saving for retirement, pensions or future generations.

Whatever your financial goals, property investing - done the right way - is a means to turn them into reality.


In the introductory session, we take you through some of the principles of property investing and how to start generating an income, whatever your property strategy. Whether your focus is buy-to-let, HMOs, rent-to-rent or developments, the Axion Academy can help you. Through demonstration of real-life case studies, group discussion and sharing our knowledge and expertise, we demystify common myths and show how you can create wealth from property investment with the right advice and support.

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